The Future of Food – Meet Jay

November 12, 2021 / by Fresh Prepared

Fresh Prepared was started with busy families in mind. 

“Thinking back to my childhood, my brother and I were playing hockey, my sister was in gymnastics, and my parents were at work, which meant we often had to cook dinner. My mom would often call me and ask me to peel vegetables and stick the chicken in the oven,” said Jay Quenel, CEO of Fresh Prepared. “Being a busy family ourselves, I thought other busy families would benefit from having meals delivered to their door completely prepared” he added.

Our meals are offered in individual and family sized portions. Whether you’re feeding the whole family and need a quick meal – Fresh Prepared has you covered!

When you purchase meals from Fresh Prepared, you will receive homestyle, delicious meals that are ready to be eaten. That means no precious time spent cooking, preparing or cleaning! Fresh Prepared does the work for you! All you have to do is heat and enjoy. 

If you’re a busy family, you would benefit from our ready-made meals.